интерьер квартиры с комнатными цветами с фото

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For a lush and inviting living space, incorporate an abundance of greenery with various houseplants.

[Image of a white-walled living room with a large couch adorned with colorful throw pillows, wooden coffee table, and a variety of indoor plants placed throughout the space including a fiddle-leaf fig tree, snake plant, and hanging pothos plant]

{caption: fot. unsplash.com}

2. Greenery Galore in a Colorful Bohemian Setting

[Image of a colorful bohemian-style living room with mismatched furniture, vibrant textiles, and a large collection of indoor plants, including a bird of paradise, snake plant, and trailing pothos plants]

{caption: fot. unsplash.com}

3. Indoor Garden with a Wall of Plants

[Image of a bright and airy living room featuring a lush wall of plants, complete with a built-in planter and a variety of greenery such as ferns, philodendrons, and ivy]

{caption: fot. unsplash.com}

4. Serene Sanctuary with a Touch of Greenery

[Image of a serene and peaceful bedroom with soft lighting, white linens, and a few well-placed indoor plants, including a fiddle-leaf fig tree and a snake plant]

{caption: fot. unsplash.com}

5. Jungle-Inspired Home Office

[Image of a home office with lush green foliage and a variety of indoor plants, including a large fiddle-leaf fig tree, hanging pothos plants, and a cactus, creating a vibrant and jungle-like atmosphere]

{caption: fot. unsplash.com}

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